Start-ups & Early Stage Businesses

Turning Ideas Into A Compelling Vision And Vision Into Sustainable Business

Do you run, own or have invested in a start-up early-stage business? We would like to help you to develop critical leadership and management skills that help to achieve the mission of the company. Coverdale's purpose-driven and pragmatic approach complements other entrepreneurship initiatives such as mentoring programs.

For Start-Ups

You have a great business idea. Based on some initial research and planning you are convinced that it could become a viable and sustainable business. Maybe you have already launched your business.

Questions that we can help you to answer:

  • Do you have a compelling core purpose and vision that motivates and aligns your team, potential investors and other stakeholders?
  • What kind of organizational culture do you want to create that is driven by purpose and rooted in your values?
  • How do you achieve clarity of goals, focus and alignment of resources, so that the expected growth can be managed? 
  • What kind of team do you need to achieve your business goals?
  • How do you turn a group of enthusiastic individuals into a high performing team delivering results?
  • Do you have the needed leadership skills? What are the gaps?

How We Can Help You

We can support you by facilitating the development of a compelling vision. Individual coaching is the best approach to develop new skills. Through consulting we can together with you develop strategies on how to match your organizational development with your business goals. Utilizing Coverdale's Inductive Learning approach combined with Team Coaching will aid you in developing your management team into a high performance team.

For Early-Stage Businesses

Your business has successfully launched and you have been able to obtain the required investment to finance the growth. Quickly growing the business and the organization poses daily challenges to sustain the success and retain important resources.

Questions that we will address together with you:

  • Does your management team have the leadership skills to support the growth?
  • Do you have a compelling core purpose and vision that motivates and aligns new hires and other stakeholders?
  • How can you maintain an organizational culture that is driven by purpose and in line with your values in a fast changing business?
  • How will you achieve clarity of goals, focus of resources and alignment so that growth can be managed successfully?
  • What are your actions to turn a group of individuals with different background, skills and experiences into a high performing team that delivers results?

How We Can Help You

We can support you by facilitating the development of a compelling vision. Individual coaching is the best approach to develop new skills with key staff. A consulting project will help to identify the gaps in the organization and the capabilities and skills available. . Utilizing Coverdale's Inductive Learning approach we can than aid you in developing critical leadership, teamwork, negotiation, conflict management or project management skills. Team coaching is key to support you in creating high performing teams where it counts in the organization.

"We can work it out..." (The Beatles)

We are enthusiastic to help entrepreneurs, especially if you have a socially responsible and sustainable business model. We know we can help - we also know that resources are often very limited in an early stage business. Therefore, let's talk. We will work it out!

Ralph Coverdale, Founder The Coverdale Organization

"To make way in life you need three things: A deep sense of inner purpose and the will to renew it – A clear vision of where you want to get to and the energy to pursue it – And courage. Courage to take steps which others might fear to take."  Ralph Coverdale

Pierre Vaysse, phD - Founder Arthuria Capital Management

"Coverdale is different, it really works, it has changed the way I think about work, thanks for sending me" these are the exact words of all the managers returning from Coverdale’s training.  Yes, I have seen a lot of leadership development program in my career, but none came close to having the positive impact of inductive learning.  Later, while making my own transition, I called upon Coverdale for help on formulating my BHAG. Everyone out there that has the energy and the courage to follow his dream needs a BHAG, try it, it really works, thanks to all the coaches at Coverdale."
Pierre Vaysse, formerly Vice President Lundbeck Research USA, presently founder partner Arthuria Capital Management.

Built to Last

Sustainable success is driven by a compelling company vision

The Authors, James C. Collins und Jerry I. Porras, researched for more than six years to find out what makes 18 visionary companies more successful long-term than others.

One of the results of their research is that long-term success is driven by a strong culture based on a compelling vision. Collins and Porras suggest that a company vision should consist of: The core purpose (or mission), 3 to 5 core values of the company and an emotionally engaging „big hairy audacious goal“: a "bhag" needs to be currently out of reach and 10 to 20 years in the future.

Buy the book now from Amazon (you will leave this website): Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies