Professional Facilitation to Achieve High Quality Results

Coverdale can provide hands on professional facilitation to deliver high quality solutions and end results that will delight all stakeholders. We have wide experience in facilitating across all industry sectors and issues. Some of the most frequent requests include:

Project Startup

This is often the critical part of any project. A good project startup can mean the difference between delivering on time, on budget and to the quality standards agreed - or not. Coverdale can help give you the best possible chance of success by ensuring the right people are involved from the start, the right things are taken account of and that a robust process is in place.

Project and Task Delivery

In complex, unfamiliar or high risk tasks and projects professional facilitation can ensure the right people can focus their skills and experience to deliver a high quality result. Coverdale can provide experienced hands on facilitation to ensure the delivery of high quality results that satisfy all stakeholders.

Integrated Business Planning

The planning process is often a top down activity. This can lead to lack of buy in and commitment at best, and at worst the plan gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. Coverdale facilitation of the integrated planning process can ensure buy in to the plan and more importantly commitment to action, continuous review and the ultimate delivery of the plan.

Problem Solving

By getting the right people in the same room and by professional facilitation focusing their efforts on an issue, problems that have seemed insurmountable can be solved in a surprisingly short time. Coverdale can help you develop cost effective solutions that are owned by those who have the problems.

Management Conferences/Large Scale Events

Facilitated events can deliver remarkable results that engage large numbers of people, delivering business benefits and leaving those involved highly committed and motivated. Coverdale has extensive experience in many parts of the world in bringing large numbers of people together and bringing their collective energy and experience to bear in order to achieve incredible things.

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Established for over 45 years, Coverdale is the originator of experiential learning and a pioneer in coaching and organizational development.

Rod Bullock, Sr. Manager, Employee Development, Energizer Holdings Inc.

"I have had the opportunity to work with Cheryl Arrowood-Martens and her exceptional staff for the last five years in the rollout of the Global Manager & Leader Academy Sessions.  A program designed to fit our needs by Cheryl & her team at Coverdale North America. Each individual on the Coverdale team brings great strength in their area of expertise, however, the real value of the Coverdale program is found in the way the team works together to provide a seamless and cohesive learning experience for the participants.  In today‚Äôs fast paced corporate world, if training does not hit the mark, participants are very quick to let training managers know the shortcomings of a particular training solution.  I have seen and heard only positive responses to our course evaluations for the Manager and Leader Academies facilitated by Coverdale North America. They are dedicated, knowledgeable, caring professionals who bring their best to each minute of each learning opportunity, be it in a classroom, group facilitation or individual coaching session.  

I wholeheartedly recommend Coverdale North America LLC for any leadership training or coaching needs you may have."