Team Coaching

Management Team Coaching

Situation: A management team preparing for the organizational and market challenges ahead. Leading the organization and inspiring their people goes beyond individual leadership skills - team coaching supports the management team development to provide clarity and alignment that serves as a model for the organization.

Team Setup

Situation: A group of individuals is brought together in a new department, business unit or for a major project. Team coaching accelerates the set up of the team and ensures the achievement of high quality results.

Team Development

Situation: A team consisting of highly skilled and successful individuals that is underperforming. Team coaching focuses on team performance improvement and developing a high performing team.

Integration And Alignment Of Teams

Situation: After the implementation of a new organizational structure cross-functional teams across a matrix have to work together to get things done. Or: a major project requires collaboration between various internal teams and external suppliers. Team coaching ensures integration and alignment of diverse teams.

Our clients

Maxine Martens, CEO & Founder, Martens & Heads!

"We started to work with Coverdale during the early days of the economic crisis in the fall of 2008. I decided to continue to invest in our team development with follow up work even during the darkest days of the crisis in spring 2009. We benefitted greatly from the challenging teamwork and process skills exercises. The tools that the Coverdale team provided helped us to improve not only our team approach and problem solving skills they also enabled us to assess our individual strengths and weaknesses. Also, as an extra bonus, we learned ways of developing our Emotional Intelligence in working with each other and our clients. We almost daily discuss and challenge ourselves to be 'talented' individuals who self assess and improve our own performance every time across the many steps and human interactions involved in our search work."

Maxine Martens, CEO & Founder, Martens & Heads!