Individual Coaching

Our Coaches most often work with high performing leaders or high potentials to accelerate their development.  

There are many occasions when individual coaching is appropriate, often as part of other development or consulting programs. Here are some examples:

  • To prepare a high potential manager to take on a more senior role with more management responsibility, or to move to a new functional area, a different business unit or a culture.

  • To develop specific skills with leaders - be it as individuals or as a team - who are facing a major change initiative, difficult conversations, negotiation or to resolve conflict.

  • To support leaders in managing stress, maintaining performance or to break out of behavioral or thinking patterns that are becoming a hindrance to realize their potential as a leader.

  • To coach a management team through the transition phases after an acquisition or merger that entail major cultural changes for an organization.

We at Coverdale believe that our task is to raise awareness with the client of options available to them on how to act and to develop their skill for considering the impact and taking responsibility for these actions. Ultimately, the choice to act and move forward lies with the client - we do everything in our power to enable them to succeed.

Pierre Vaysse, phD - Founder Arthuria Capital Management

"Coverdale is different, it really works, it has changed the way I think about work, thanks for sending me" these are the exact words of all the managers returning from Coverdale‚Äôs training.  Yes, I have seen a lot of leadership development program in my career, but none came close to having the positive impact of inductive learning.  Later, while making my own transition, I called upon Coverdale for help on formulating my BHAG. Everyone out there that has the energy and the courage to follow his dream needs a BHAG, try it, it really works, thanks to all the coaches at Coverdale."
Pierre Vaysse, formerly Vice President Lundbeck Research USA, presently founder partner Arthuria Capital Management.