Our Partners

Dr. Cathryn Goddard

Dr. Cathryn Goddard has delivered Coverdale workshops in over 50 countries, with special emphasis on the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Development clients include USAID, the World Bank, the UN, the Asian and African Development Banks, as well as the international firms that serve these organizations. Her Ph.D. is from the Sorbonne, the University of Paris, (dissertation: OPEC’s Economic Strategy), with postgraduate work at the University of Chicago. She is fluent in four languages French, Turkish, Arabic and English.  She started Coverdale Organization, Inc. in 1989.

Dr. Goddard’s most valuable skill is in improving the effectiveness of people working in teams, using facilitation, training and coaching, to find creative solutions for individuals and organizations. Her focus is on international development, especially where cooperation between stakeholders from different organizations, disciplines and cultures is critical to achieving results. She works with government officials at the ministerial level and private sector leaders, as well as with local officials, farmers, entrepreneurs, and NGOs.

Dr. Cathryn Goddard resides in Cairo, Egypt. In addition, she studied kung-fu in China and teaches a taichi-kung-fu class.  

Currently, Dr. Goddard is writing a book based on her world travels. 


Dr. Pierre Vaysse, phD

"I believe in the infinite complexity of nature; I believe in the power within each individual. Functional, productive teams are the endgame of nonlinear thinking. We should all learn to fly like butterflies; because nothing is more rewarding than beging part of success"

Pierre Vaysse brings over 25 years of professional experience in the field of Neuroscience and over 10 years of independent research and development to create Arthuria Capital Management, an artificial intelligence trading model based on neuroscience pattern recognition.

Prior to creating Arthuria Capital Management, an hedge fund focused on developing his trading model, Pierre was vice president of Cellular Sciences at Lundbeck, where he led and managed scientific teams. Pierre holds dual Doctorate degrees in Pharmacy and Neuroscience earned at Toulouse University in France and Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Today, Pierre would like to devote the development of his fund to pursue philanthropic projects.