More Than 45 Years Experience With Clients Across a Wide Diversity of Cultures, Industries and Functions

Coverdale has worked in over 80 countries with individuals, teams, entire organizations, institutions and communities across a huge variety of functions and industries. We worked with senior management teams, high potentials, customer service teams and on the shop floor.

Our experience spans from blue chip brands such as Daimler and Mercedes, Diageo, Energizer, Boeing Space Systems, SAP, Montblanc, Cadbury Schweppes to the United Nations, USAID, World Bank and other public institutions.  From entrepreneurs who are in the start-up phase of their business to Chief Executives who are initiating a large-scale change program. From tribal leaders in Africa and local governments in Bangladesh to community leaders in Pennsylvania.

We Enable People To Succeed - Together!


Coverdale North America is a member and a certified WBE


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Custom-Designed Solutions

When you contact us to consider an engagement of Coverdale, we start our conversation to understand your business purposes and the context. Together with you we will determine clear aims and desired outcomes of the program. Based on this we can jointly determine what type of action will lead to the best and sustainable results.

Paul Engler, Owner Temple St. Clair

"Karsten Martens and the team at Coverdale are simply outstanding.  They understand business and how to enhance performance and profitability through an organization’s key asset; its people.  And, they are masterful at analyzing and developing the structures that support those people all done with an eye on the bottom line.  Coverdale approaches the task at hand with thorough professionalism and tremendous heart."
Paul Engler, Owner Temple St. Clair - Fine Jewelry