Our Organization

Our Organization: The Starfish

Coverdale has been from its beginnings a completely decentralized organization: there is no headquarter, no corporate holding, practically no hierarchy and no need for a command and control structure. Ownership and accountability is largely distributed to coaches and consultants that work with Coverdale.

The benefits for you:

  • Virtually no overhead and related cost.
  • Client time is spent on work for the client, not on filling out reports to regional or global headquarters.
  • Flexibility and agility: we can respond rapidly to local and global needs of our clients, assembling multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-lingual teams and deliver anywhere in the world to the same high quality standards without having to address internal organizational formalities.

The Starfish & the Spider

Brafman and Beckstrom proclaimed in their book "The Starfish & the Spider" the benefits of decentralized organizations. The image they use for a typical central command structure is the spider: A spider has a central body with a head and eyes. If you cut the spider in two or cut off its head, it dies. The modern decentralized organization is characterized by the starfish: The starfish does not even have a central brain – it's a neural network. If you cut the starfish in two, you get two starfish; if you cut one or more arms off, the parts develop again into completely functional starfish. 

Buy the book now from Amazon (you will leave this website): The Starfish and the Spider